Reduction mammaplasty surgery can be performed in a few ways. The right method for each patient will depend on their unique case. During your breast reduction consultation, we will determine the tissue composition of your breasts, and this will aid in creation of a surgical plan.

For those patients with more excess glandular breast tissue than fatty tissue, excision surgery will be performed during your reduction mammaplasty. This will involve removing the glandular tissue with a scalpel.

For patients with more excess fatty tissue than glandular tissue, liposuction surgery will be performed. This will involve removing the fatty tissue with a cannula.

Loose skin may also need to be removed, which can also be performed with a scalpel.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment for a reduction mammaplasty consultation, contact us today. With the help of Doctors Matthew Romans and Jeremy Silk, two experienced board-certified plastic surgeons, your breasts will be lighter and more proportional to your body.