Many plastic surgeons suggest brachioplasty surgery, also known as an arm lift, to patients who are unhappy with the look of their upper arms. What are the advantages of opting for this surgery? What is it that motivates so many people across the country to opt for this procedure every year?

Brachioplasty can help you get that toned and lean look, one that you’ve always wanted but struggled to achieve even with diet and exercise. More importantly, for anyone who has ever struggled with the appearance of their upper arms, an arm lift offers hope. Here’s a look at what this procedure entails and the benefits you can look forward to from having an arm lift done.

A Quick Way to Overcome Upper-Arm Issues

Brachioplasty procedures are conducted under general anesthesia and are completed in a single surgery. Arm lifts can fix your problem virtually overnight!

During brachioplasty surgery, your plastic surgeon carries out body contouring by removing excess loose skin from your upper arms. If required, the underlying supportive tissues of your arms are tightened and reshaped to make them more aesthetically appealing.

Your doctor will also get rid of fatty deposits that are spoiling the appearance of your arms. Liposuction can boost the results of the procedure and give you the finished look you want.

Say Goodbye to Sagging Skin

If gravity seems to be pulling you down everywhere, chances are your arms are not likely to be spared either. As you grow older, sagging skin on your arms is fairly common.

Some people develop sagging and drooping upper arms through heredity or as a result of the normal process of aging. Some deal with this issue as a result of significant weight loss; the skin that covered the fat that you have now lost tends to become stretched and sagging.

This drooping can give the arms of even someone who is otherwise in great shape a less than pleasant appearance. If you’ve been struggling for years to tone your arms with exercise and diet, you’re not alone. These methods are unable to tone and tighten sagging skin.

Brachioplasty can help make your arms look taut again by removing excess skin and tightening the remaining skin.

Get Rid Of Fat Pockets

Arms can develop little pockets of fat in some areas, giving them an uneven and bumpy appearance. Brachioplasty tackles this issue by reducing such pockets in your upper arms.

Tighten Up Your Upper Arms

The underside of the upper arm is notoriously hard to tone up. An arm lift can make quick work of this by giving your upper arms the definition you desire. You’ll get the tight, well-toned look you’ve always wanted.

Make It Easier to Exercise!

Interestingly enough, getting brachioplasty can also help make it easier to be physically active. If your arms are overly flabby, it can get in the way of comfort during physical activity. Some people might not be comfortable wearing workout clothes because of their disproportionate or overly sagging arms. Chafing can also be a problem due to the excess tissue.

After brachioplasty, you can kiss these problems goodbye and finally be able to enjoy physical activities like exercising and playing sports.

Take the First Step to Great-Looking Arms

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