Is tummy fat getting you down? A fat tummy can really zap your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious. But thankfully, today we have the option of taking measures to stop tummy fat from ruining our quality of life.

At Salinas Valley Plastic Surgery, we specialize in a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures, including the tummy tuck. A tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is designed to reduce the unwanted fat on your tummy.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Abdominoplasty offers amazing benefits:

  • Better abdominal muscle shape and tone
  • More contoured midriff
  • Reduction in stress-induced urinary incontinence post-pregnancy
  • Correction of vertical hernias
  • Greater tightness for the skin
  • Removal of stretch marks
  • Removal of stubborn fat
  • Better posture

Coming In for a Consultation

The exact details of your abdominoplasty surgery will be jointly decided by you and your surgeon during a consultation. Based on your needs and medical history, he will advise you on the type of anesthesia to use during the surgery. Medication will also be prescribed for after the surgery.

Any person who has unwanted fat on their tummy and wants to get rid of it is eligible for the tummy-tuck procedure. However, it is recommended that pregnant women and those planning to start a family do not undergo abdominoplasty surgery, as childbirth can negatively affect the results of the procedure.

The Abdominoplasty Procedure

During an abdominoplasty, your surgeon resects loose abdominal muscles, fat, and skin. The flab on your tummy may be evenly found across your mid-region, or it may be concentrated either on the top portion or bottom portion of your tummy.

At the start of the procedure, anesthesia is administered in order to keep the patient comfortable and free of pain or discomfort. Once this takes effect, the incision is created. This is made from hipbone to hipbone and offers the surgeon access to the tissues of the area.

These tissues are then altered as needed to achieve excellent results. Finally, the incision is closed using medical sutures.

Post-Surgical Care

Since abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure, you will need to take care during the recovery. Tenderness and swelling may last a week, and the doctor may provide pain medication should you require it.

Avoid exercising, heavy lifting, and bending forwards for the first month after the tummy-tuck procedure. Once the stitches have been removed and the incisions have healed, you can resume your daily activities slowly.

The results of the abdominoplasty last a lifetime, unless there is a natural change in your body shape due to future pregnancy or hormonal changes. After the procedure, you’ll see yourself with tighter and more toned abs.

Making Your Appointment

Board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Matthew Romans and Jeremy Silk are highly qualified medical professionals who perform superior tummy tucks to help patients achieve amazing results. If you would like to find out more, contact our office today to schedule an appointment for an informative consultation.