Tattoos are trendy, and there are lots of options and colors when it comes to getting cool tattoos. But when it comes to removing tattoos you’re feeling unhappy with, it can appear to be a tougher process than actually getting one.

Whether your old tattoo has faded or you’ve just gotten bored of the design and wish to get a new one instead, there are several ways to remove a tattoo. You need to find the right method to get your tattoo removed. One of the most commonly used methods is laser tattoo removal, and one of the most effective and convenient options is our Rapid Laser Tattoo Removal.

The Astanza Trinity Laser

Astanza is a popular name in lasers. The Astanza Trinity laser is a triple-wavelength laser that has two different laser beams. The three wavelength make it easy to remove a wide variety of colors. One of the most powerful lasers available, the Astanza Trinity works by eliminating the tattoo ink particles from the deeper layers of the skin.

We use the Astanza Trinity laser in our Rapid Laser Tattoo Removal treatment. Astanza Trinity differs drastically from the conventional laser removal method. In the conventional method, the Q-switched laser might have to be applied for a longer duration for the laser to show its effects and the tattoo ink to be removed. This longer duration of exposure might result in the skin tissues getting overheated and injured.

Given the fact that the tattoo ink particles are tiny, short-duration pulses are more suitable to lift them off the skin tissues. The Astanza Trinity laser treatment involves short bursts of high energy, and the combined effect is the efficient removal of the ink particles.

Benefits of Choosing Astanza

  • Based on the wavelength chosen, the beam shape of the laser varies. This means that the Astanza Trinity can be used to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, and this can be very useful in those cases where the ink particles have settled down deeper.
  • Because the laser beams remove and disintegrate the ink particles, the results are permanent. That makes this a reliable method that you can choose when you have a large colorful tattoo.
  • The time taken for each session is minimal. If you need repeat treatments in case there are traces of the tattoo still left to be removed, you will be able to get them without issue.
  • The shorter pulses prevent excessive heating of the skin tissues, so you will not feel the same degree of pain and discomfort felt with other techniques.
  • The laser beam wavelengths are configured uniformly so that the application is consistent. This ensures that the skin is not harmed in the process.
  • Some of the treatment methods have restrictions on the colors that can be removed, but no matter which colors you have in your tattoo, Astanza Trinity can help remove them all.
  • The results appear faster than with other methods, and fewer repeat treatments will be needed to get the tattoo fully removed.

Come In for Tattoo Removal

If you’re ready to look into Rapid Laser Tattoo Removal, contact our office and make an appointment for a consultation. With the help of board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Matthew Romans and Jeremy Silk, you’ll be able to get rid of that unwanted tattoo quickly and efficiently.