We all know how tedious it can be to lose weight and reach your bodily goals. So when an individual can push themselves to achieve their desirable weight goals, it is indeed a commendable feat. However, for some people, losing the desired amount of weight does not always result in the look they want. There are cases where people who lose a lot of weight end up experiencing loose skin and excess fatty deposits that keep them from getting the toned bodies they desire.

Body contouring is a type of plastic surgery that fixes this very problem. It is designed to eliminate or reduce the excess fat and skin from different areas of the body, which includes the thighs, chest, arms, and torso. However, in some cases the body contouring procedure is just not enough. It is in such cases that you must consider a full body lift procedure.

While contouring deals with only certain parts of your body, the body lift handles the remaining. With the body lift, all the remaining excess fat and skin will be removed and the underlying tissues will be repositioned to better fit the new contours of the body. A body lift may involve various surgeries such as a tummy tuck, medial thigh lift, liposuction, circumferential thigh lift, abdominoplasty and so on.

The Body Lift Procedure

The body lift procedure requires extensive incisions. In most cases, the incisions are made in areas that can be easily hidden under clothing. You must consult your surgeon, to discuss your general state of health and if you would make a good candidate.

You must stop taking certain medications such as aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs a few weeks before and after the surgery in order to avoid excess bleeding and unnecessary complications. You will also be required to stop smoking and drinking leading up to the surgery and while you are recovering.

This will ensure your comfort during the procedure. The incisions will then be made around your lower body in a bikini pattern. This will help tighten the waist, thigh, groin, abdomen and buttocks all in one sitting.

Once the necessary incisions are made, your doctor will work to remove the remaining excess fat and loose skin from the treatment area. Once the fat and skin is removed, the remaining tissue will be repositioned and tightened.

Once all this is done, your incisions will be closed. The suturing will be done in the underlying tissue region as well as the surface to help hold the newly formed contours better. After the surgery is completed, you will be required to take some time off to rest and not exert your body too much. It is common to experience swelling and some discomfort, but this will subside in time.

The Benefits of the Body Lift Procedure

The results provided by the body lift surgery is visible almost immediately. You might see some visible post-surgical marks, but they will fade over the course of time. The incisions are strategically placed to keep them hidden from view.

The results provided by the surgery are long lasting. Your body will appear more toned, slim, and beautiful. The change to your look can help improve your confidence and other aspects of your life.

It is important that you maintain a stable weight to maintain the benefits. It is also essential to be involved in exercising and other physical activities to stay in good health.

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