Reshape your body by adding volume to your buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift in Salinas. This cosmetic surgery involves two procedures and adds perkiness to your backside. It uses the fat from your waist, hips, lower back, or thighs to achieve an hourglass figure with fuller buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure to remove fat from the body and transfer it to the buttocks to re-shape them and add volume.


Alternatives to adding volume and shape to the buttocks include buttock implants, but the drawback to implants is that they can encapsulate or shift over time and require surgery to fix complications. Grafting fat from elsewhere in the body into the buttocks, if successful, is a much better long-term solution because once the fat has successfully taken in the buttock, it is there for good.

Ideal Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Ideal candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are those who lost their natural curves due to aging or weight changes. You can undergo this buttock augmentation procedure if you have enough fat for grafting from other parts of your body.

You should be in good overall health without infections and underlying conditions that may affect your healing. Ideally, you should be a non-smoker or be willing to quit.

For patients who recently underwent surgical procedures, it would be best to wait until recovery is complete before getting a Brazilian butt lift. Patients who are pregnant, undergoing critical treatments, or recently got into an accident must postpone their buttocks augmentation procedure.

Your Consultation

You will undergo a physical examination during your consultation, which includes your buttocks, as well as fat donor areas like your abdomen, hips, and thighs. Photographs may be taken for before-and-after purposes. You will also go over your aesthetic goals for the Brazilian butt lift procedure, including the desired look of the donor areas after liposuction.

A review of your medical history will be conducted to assess any risk factors. You will be asked about past surgeries and current medications, along with any allergies and pre-existing medical conditions. Additional laboratory tests may be requested to ensure the success and safety of your procedure.

Your surgeon will tell you about the Brazilian butt lift process so that you know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Asking questions about the procedure during the consultation is highly advised. This includes topics like preparation, recovery, and the cost of the procedure. If there are any concerns regarding the Brazilian butt lift, this would be the perfect time to bring them up.

Preparing for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Drinking alcohol or smoking must be avoided for several weeks before the date of your Brazilian butt lift surgery. Patients must also avoid taking NSAIDs (non-surgical anti-inflammatory drugs) before the procedure since these can lead to bleeding complications.

It’s important to prepare ahead of time for the recovery period. This means preparing your bedroom for recovery and gathering any supplies related to incision care and general healing. Arranging for time off from work in advance is vital, as is arranging for help around the house during the initial healing period.

The BBL Procedure

This buttocks enhancement procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Romans and Dr. Silk are usually able to do the operation in less than 4 hours, depending on how many areas have to be liposuctioned or if additional procedures are done at the same time.

Liposuction is first used to harvest excess fat from areas of the patient’s body like the abdomen, flanks, and back. During this process, a small incision is created in the targeted area, and then a tool called a cannula is inserted. Medical suction is applied through the cannula, which gently suctions the fatty tissue out of the area.

The fat is injected into various sections of the buttocks to give it a desirable shape. It is injected through small incisions. Fat is deposited only in the tissue plane between the skin and buttock muscle. Injecting into the muscle is avoided for safety reasons.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Healing Process

After the buttocks augmentation procedure, the area is bound with a compression garment to prevent bleeding. Wearing a post-surgical elastic garment will be necessary for a time to control any swelling or bruising.

For the first few days after your Brazilian butt lift surgery, you may be advised to avoid putting any kind of excessive pressure on your buttocks. This includes directly laying on your back on a hard surface. Your surgeon may require you to refrain from doing heavy exercises, and it might take a couple of days before you can resume regular work.

Your body will reabsorb some of the fat injected into your buttocks. However, most of it will remain, giving your buttocks a firmer look and improved volume.

The total recovery time is usually 2-3 weeks before 100% normal activity can be resumed. This is a very popular procedure and demand for it is very high.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

The cost of Brazilian butt lift surgery depends on the client-centered plan developed by Dr. Romans and Dr. Silk to address your concerns. The overall price will include the anesthesia, as well as the surgical fees for the liposuction and fat grafting procedures.

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