Breast Reduction: Salinas and Monterey, CA

A woman’s displeasure with her breast size is not always about aesthetics. Some women not only feel their breasts look too large, but they also have discomfort and physical complications. These include:

  • neck pain
  • upper and lower back pain
  • skin irritation in the folds under the breasts
  • shoulder pain
  • difficulty finding bras and clothes that fit
  • difficulty exercising
  • deep grooves in their shoulders from the bra straps

Breast reduction surgery transforms heavy, pendulous breasts into smaller and lighter versions. This transformation can also mean the end to the symptoms listed above. With proper pre-authorization, most insurance companies cover breast reduction surgery. In the rare instances where it is not covered by insurance, an affordable cash price can be offered for the operation to be done as a “cosmetic” breast reduction.