Get that booty you’ve always wanted!

For years my office has received phone calls inquiring about the Brazilian Butt lift. I finally added this as an operation that I do after I found a technique that I thought was safe and effective. I have done over 40 of these the last few years and my patients have been EXTREMELY happy.

This is essentially a buttock augmentation using the patients own fat. The fat is removed with liposuction from wherever in the body there is extra. This is usually the abdomen, flanks, and back. Instead of throwing the fat away it is injected into the buttocks to improve the shape (more curves!), round out flattened areas, and make the butt bigger! That means more curve and projection of the butt, not a wider butt.

Alternatives to the Brazilian Butt lift are buttock implants, but the drawbacks to implants are that they can encapsulate or shift over time and require more surgery to fix complications. Grafting fat from elsewhere in the body into the buttocks, if successful, is a much better long-term solution because once the fat has successfully taken in the buttock, it is there for good.

pre full posterior post full posterior
pre full R post full R

These are before and after pictures of one of my patients. Note how the love-handles have had the fat suctioned out, leaving a much narrower waist. Also, look at how much more curve there is to the butt and how much flatter the abdomen is after the fat has been suctioned out (and a little bit of skin removed).

Dr. Romans