The circumferential body lift procedure, also known as 360-degree body lift, is a body-contouring surgery that is used to fix the issue of loose sagging skin after a sudden massive weight loss from the various parts of the body. Apart from weight loss, there are several other factors such as a repeated weight fluctuation and aging that can cause the skin to sag and hang around loosely from your body.

The Problem of Sagging Skin

When an individual loses a large amount of fat from the body and the skin has stretched beyond its capacity to retract, the poor elasticity of the tissue causes the skin to droop and create uneven contours along the body. Even though you might have lost a lot of fat tissues from within, the sagging skin is largely unresponsive to toning exercises and diet control. Also, as a direct result of the aging process, the skin loses its elastin and collagen content, both of which are otherwise instrumental in keeping the skin taut and healthy. Such skin issues can then be corrected only through surgical intervention.

What Is the Procedure for Circumferential Body Lift?

The circumferential body lift procedure involves the removal of skin tissues and subcutaneous fat from the buttocks, waist, and abdominal region to obtain a tighter and smoother frame. Your doctor will perform the surgery by creating an incision that will extend from the abdominal area up to the sides of the waist and the lower back portion. The excess skin and fat tissues will then be removed, followed by a tightening of the remaining muscle tissues. In many cases, the circumferential body lift is carried out in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction for extracting the adipose tissue and achieving better-toned body contours.

The length of the incision is largely dependent upon the level and kind of body lift being performed. While a 360-degree body lift will require the patient to spend a night at the hospital for post-op care, a mini circumferential body lift is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. The patient is administered with general anesthesia, which means that he or she will be sleeping for the entire duration of the surgery. Depending upon the extent of the body lift, the surgery typically takes somewhere between four to six hours on average.

Recovery and Results

Depending upon the extent of body lift being performed, the patient will take a couple of weeks to fully recover. There might be mild to moderate swelling or bruising, which can be fixed by taking medication prescribed by your medical practitioner. Since you will have internal sutures, you will be advised to keep your knees elevated with pillows while sleeping in order to minimize the stress on the stitches. As long as you are able to follow the post-operative precautions advised by your doctor, you will be able to achieve a dramatic transformation of your body contours that is hard to achieve by any other method under the sun.

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