Rhinoplasty isn’t just a way to make your nose look better. It can also solve a wide variety of functional impediments caused by trauma, genetics, even a previous rhinoplasty. One such impediment is called a nasal valve collapse.

Closed or open rhinoplasty can be used to solve nasal valve collapse. A closed rhinoplasty is when your plastic surgeon creates very small incisions within the nostrils, allowing access to the underlying tissue. An open rhinoplasty allows even more access to the area, involving external incisions and the lifting of the nasal skin.

After the incision, your plastic surgeon will be able to perform techniques like inserting strengthening implants and using internal sutures. When you visit board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Matthew Romans and Jeremy Silk, they will create a surgical plan based on the best possible solution for your nasal valve collapse. Make an appointment today by contacting our office.